Thursday, August 23, 2012

strange days

The street feels funny today. Something is up. The kids are fine, well Sammi has broken another molar through and that's been giving her a lot of pain. Baby Motrin to the rescue. That's what Q. always calls it, even if it isn't Motrin. I am making a real dent in what we owe. Yeah, I almost feel guilt, but - no, you know, I don't get it. But honestly, it's Joseph Conrad's fault. No, buddy, not you Little Conrad. We've talked about this. Why am I talking to you anyway, son? Go play. Why did I just type that?

Something is seriously up with this whole thing, REDACTED and maybe I should tell Q but about this - this time she might wear the badge and sometimes I live her wearing a badge - and nothing else. But, Fuck, i was just thinking what if I am missing something, they are paying me $1500.00 a drop now.

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