Wednesday, September 14, 2011

next volunteering gig

I went to volunteer at the library and sought any Heritage Press books that had been left in the Friends room or the boxes outside in the hallway. I found 3 and then went about filling the shelves with books. The Friends are promoting Hardbound books, histories and biographies primarily, but all HB books so I was looking in the stacks of boxes for some HBs of various thicknesses to fit on the shelves. I did see some mysteries but nothing I don't already have - and as I was going through the boxes I spied a book I had seen before, one I had handled before, a copy of Don Quixote. I remembered seeing two of them in the box and I dug down to the bottom and sure enough the other one was there and - wait a minute, what's this? Illustrated by Salvador Dali? How did I miss that? I don't much like Dali personally but I can respect the value of his work and here's a copy of a book illustrated by him?

I quickly open the cover and what do I see? The nameplate! It's one of those!! I place it in a bag. A bag that fills and I pay for them with a couple of $2.00 bills (yeah, I still use them!)

Came home and researched the Dali illustrated book - $150.00 for a good copy and I have a good copy. I still can't believe that the family just dumped to books off at the library. It's not like the library staff knows the VALUE of everything. It's not their job. Nor the Friends, and it's not like I am going to enlighten them right now. Hell, everything I make gets "shoveled" onto student loan payments {have a said it a hundred times yet? i promised myself i would keep track - shit, have to - no, just keep going)

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