Thursday, September 15, 2011

through many rabbit holes

It fuzzy since I didn't write down such things at the time but I think it was this book and seeing the old B&W film version of it that got me interested in "crime/detective" novels. I read Cain and then others, somewhere in the middle of one book I was see a rabbit hole opening and then would plunge into that (subject, author, publisher, genre). 'One thing leads to another' as the song goes. I think it was around the time I have buzzing through the Sax Rohmer books that it occurred to me that there was this other writer from the late 19th - early 20th century who wrote at least one book in this vein: Joseph Conrad. The Secret Agent. Yeah, yeah, yeah - perfect title alone, you know? For some reason I am sure that a therapist could work out I latched onto that book. I mean, right now? Right now in storage unit A I have 26 copies of it. Altogether I think I have 68 copies of the book. I don't know why exactly. I see them and I get them. It's like I have said before, I don't believe in wasted trips. If I go to a place that has shit for books and I see a good copy of a book I know or like, I at least get that. Sure, 68 copies is a lot but I am - well, I believe they will come in handy someday. That's the hope. ___ will never understand why I "need" so many copies. But, she's promised never to read this blog so....

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